2 Chainz’s highly anticipated Pretty Girls like Trap Music album clocks in at 16 tracks & features nearly every hot MC out right now from Drake to Nicki Minaj to Migos. He alternates between detailing his past before becoming a legitimate rap star và the perks of his current reality. Throughout the project, top country songs of all time he takes time to shout out many rappers along the way, from those who have inspired his career to his new peers.

2 Chainz kicks the album off with “Saturday Night,” where he mentions that he was present for a little-known dust-up between Ludacris‘ manager Chaka Zulu, và T.I. in 2007:


Luda charged me just to dip, was there when Chaka was swung on by Tip

The first line is about 2 Chainz leaving Ludacris' label, Disturbing tha Peace. At the time, Chainz was recording under the moniker Tity Boi as a member of Playaz Circle, a duo he formed with his friend Dolla Boy; both sides came to a mutual agreement, & wanted to split amicably. top classic country songs Ludacris set up an arrangement where 2 Chainz could leave the label but would have to pay $100,000 và give Luda a percentage of his future album sales.

The second line references a fight between T.I. & Luda’s aforementioned manager at music mogul Kevin Liles' “Make It Happen” luncheon. The beef likely stemmed from remnants of a mid-aughts beef between Ludacris and T.I., and culminated in Chaka Zulu being punched in the face.

On “Riverdale Rd,” Chainz goes on to namedrop a certain artist who once went viral:




How could you blame a nigga?
Gold everywhere, gold over there, Trinidad James you niggas

Trinidad James is an Atlanta rapper best known for “All Gold Everything” from 2012 which reached the Top 40 chart and was certified Gold. The popularity of the tuy nhiên earned him a record deal with Def Jam later that year, making him and 2 Chainz labelmates. Sadly, he was never able to release his debut album, and was subsequently dropped in 2014.


“Good Drank,” the standout single from the album, has 2 Chainz referencing his close friend Lil Wayne:

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